Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot



If we talk about cleaning robots, the Asian continent is one of the big producers of gadgets in the home section. This time we will talk about the Viomi VXRS01, a product that can become your favourite cleaning ally. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon when buying a smart hoover to avoid the use of a manual one.

The artificial intelligence does not stay out of this small hoover, it has a planning system, to be able to reach all the corners of the house. As if this were not enough, we can also use an app to start and stop the activity of our hoover.

The Viomi VXRS01 has a 200 ml. tank and a 350 ml. box to store dust. All this together with the good autonomy provided by the 2000 mAh lithium battery achieves a great efficiency as far as cleaning is concerned. In addition, its slim design and weight of 2.3 kg means that the product can be stored anywhere.


Otros nombresViomi V1
Número de modeloVXRS01
Lanzamientomarch 2018
Medidas310 x 310 x 78 mm
Peso2.3 kg
Succión1200 Pa
Capacidad polvo350 ml
Capacidad agua200 ml
Duración de la batería90-120 minutos
Capacidad de la batería2000 mAh
Tiempo de carga5 hours
Ruido60 dB
Tipo de navegación-
Barrido HúmedoYes
Mapeo en tiempo realYes
Sensores de colisión, distancia y nivelYes
Control remoto vía appYes
Control eléctrico del tanque de aguaYes
Configuración de áreas de no accesoYes
Identificación inteligente de áreasYes
Asistente de vozNo
Filtro HEPAYes
Conexión Wi-FiNo





Other models

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