Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10



Today we found a new product Xiaomi, a new broom type hoover with improved features and interesting new developments.

It is equipped with a high speed motor of 125,000 rpm, and has a suction power of 150 AW.

It features a 12-cone cyclone design. This means that particles with very small diameters are separated, which significantly improves the life of the HEPA filter.

It adopts a five-fold filtration system, capable of filtering up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

All filter components are washable, thus extending the life of the filter and the time to replace it.

It has a LCD screen that shows useful information, such as cleaning mode, remaining energy, …

Thanks to its 3000 mAh battery, it has an autonomy of up to 65 minutes.

As a great novelty, we see that it incorporates a mopping system, with a 250 ml water tank.


Número de modeloMJWXCQ04ZM
LanzamientoOctober 2020
Medidas1221 x 256 x 205 mm
Peso3.7 kg
Capacidad polvo500 ml
Capacidad agua250 ml
Duración de la batería65 minutos
Capacidad de la batería3000 mAh
Tiempo de carga
Ruido55-62 dB
Tipo de navegación-
Barrido HúmedoYes
Mapeo en tiempo realNo
Sensores de colisión, distancia y nivelNo
Control remoto vía appNo
Control eléctrico del tanque de aguaNo
Configuración de áreas de no accesoNo
Identificación inteligente de áreasNo
Asistente de vozNo
Filtro HEPAYes
Conexión Wi-FiNo





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