Dreame V11



Dreame is offering a new handheld hoover, with specifications worthy of competition against the leading brands in the market, as a direct alternative to the Dyson V11.

It has 150AW of power and 25000 Pa of suction.

It has an integrated OLED screen which allows easy access to relevant information, such as the mode in which we are working, or the remaining battery. As an interesting fact, we can say that unlike many hoovers of this type, this model incorporates a button to maintain the suction without the need to be pressing the trigger continuously.

Its most outstanding point is undoubtedly its autonomy, since thanks to its 3000 mAh battery it can reach up to 90 minutes of work, one of the longest on the market today.

Its 450 W motor turns at 125,000 rev/min.

The filtering process has as its main exponent its 12-cone cyclone technology system, thus achieving a constant suction capacity.

To this we must add its 5 stages of filtering .

Its deposit for the dirt is the standard size for this type of product, being 500 ml .

Both the tank and the filters are water washable.


Otros nombresDreame V11 Mistral
Número de modeloV11
LanzamientoAugust 2020
Medidas765 x 283 x 162mm
Peso2.5 Kg
Succión25000 Pa
Capacidad polvo500 ml
Capacidad agua-
Duración de la batería90 minutos
Capacidad de la batería3000 mAh
Tiempo de carga4 hours
Ruido72 dB
ColoresGrey, Red
Tipo de navegación-
Barrido HúmedoNo
Mapeo en tiempo realNo
Sensores de colisión, distancia y nivelNo
Control remoto vía appNo
Control eléctrico del tanque de aguaNo
Configuración de áreas de no accesoNo
Identificación inteligente de áreasNo
Asistente de vozNo
Filtro HEPAYes
Conexión Wi-FiNo





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