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Roborock S5
First Roborock model (2017), incorrectly known as "My Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2". Its incredible value for money made it a bestseller that is still far from being outdated.
Roborock Xiaowa E2
Also known as E20 or E25, it is Xiaowa's second generation, low cost Roborock range of vacuuming robots.
Roborock Xiaowa C10 Youth Edition
- €
Also known as C1 or Xiaowa Lite, this August 2018 model inaugurated the Xiaowa range, the line of Roborock vacuuming robots at an affordable price.
Roborock Xiaowa E35
- €€€
The Xiaowa E3, E35 or Xiaowa Plus is the third delivery of the Xiaowa range, launched almost immediately after the E2.
Roborock S6
- €€€
Launched in mid-2019, it is the second generation of smart vacuum cleaners, following the predecessor Roborock S5: the S6 has a more powerful processor, cleans faster, is quieter and is significantly more expensive.
Roborock S6 Pure
Introduced in early 2020, this is a version of the Roborock S6 that has hardly changed (slightly higher volume, longer charging time...) but is cheaper than the original model.
Roborock E4
It succeeds the Xiaowa E3 but is not marketed under the name "Xiaowa". Its price is similar to that of its predecessor, it improves in autonomy, incorporates automatic carpet recognition and loses location in real time.
Roborock H6
- €€
Roborock's first handheld vacuum cleaner, launched in summer 2020 with the clear intention of competing with the all-powerful Dyson.
Roborock S6 MaxV
Premium version of the Roborock S6 released in 2020, one year after the original. It incorporates more power, more autonomy, more water capacity, more suction, LiDAR navigation and the new double camera for its ReactiveAI system.
Roborock T7
Model launched in 2020 for the Chinese market. It equips a new real time data management algorithm, the RR Mason 7.0, and releases a new version 4.0 of the map management.
90 min.180 min.