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Xiaomi’s brand of robots brings us a new model The Roborock E4 opens a line of products: it fits into the Xiaowa line because of its features and low price, but it adopts the name of its main brand. The best of this new robot is that it has improved the characteristics of the Xiaowa robots and it has a very adjusted price. We are going to analyze it completely and also we will explain you how to find it cheaper with guarantee.

Roborock E4 features and design

Apparently, this new Roborock is not very different from the rest of the models of the brand, although its horizontal strip in the central area and the layout of its buttons has changed: now they are arranged vertically and there are only 2 buttons to start the robot easily. Its dimensions are the same as those of Xiaowa: 35 centimetres in diameter and 9 centimetres in height.

One of the improvements over the Xiaowa models is that this new robot cleans 10% faster thanks to its new improved algorithms. The advantage of these economical Xiaomi robots is that they can move easily, clean methodically following a Z-type pattern and with the help of their multiple sensors: anti-fall, object sensor, accelerometer…

But it moves easily especially thanks to its double gyroscope that records every movement and its optical LED motion sensor that analyzes the distance traveled. These two sensors work together to create more logical cleaning patterns and even create a virtual map of your home. Without a laser sensor, Roborock E4 moves intelligently and does not repeat zones.

It has a suction power of 2,000 Pa, which allows it to effectively clean any type of debris and work on any floor. It is ideal for homes with carpets as it can detect them and increases the power to the maximum. Its aerodynamic pipes allow it to have a constant suction power from start to finish. It has a large capacity waste tank with 640 ml.

In addition, this Roborock E4 has improved the brushes with respect to those of Xiaowa. The front brush now has 5 legs and is made of silicone to avoid dispersing the waste. It increases speed when it detects that it is working on the edges to clean better. The central brush has a better anti-tangle system. Its omnidirectional wheels allow it to overcome obstacles of up to 2 centimeters.

It is a very economical robot, in addition to vacuuming it can also scrub at the same time thanks to its water tank. The scrubbing mode has been improved, the tank has a capacity of 180 ml and can adjust the water flow thanks to an innovative hydraulic system. This scrubbing system is bionic type, drips precisely, keeps the mop constantly wet and avoids puddles.

The battery is still 5,200 mAh but its autonomy reaches 200 minutes in silent mode, and with its new algorithms in this time it can clean more than 200 m². When the robot is below 20% it returns to the base of charge and resumes its route when it has enough battery to finish the route.

How to control your Roborock E4 through the mobile application

Although this Roborock E4 vacuum cleaner robot is incredibly affordable, unlike other cheap vacuum cleaners it can be controlled by a mobile application. In fact, it is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home application and also with the Roborock application itself. It can also be controlled by voice commands with Alexa.

Through this application you can control your robot from anywhere, schedule cleanings, set up cleaning or even view a virtual map of your home with the surface it has cleaned and the time it has taken. However, you will not be able to mark barriers or forbidden areas.

How to buy the Roborock E4 cheaper and with warranty

Although Roborock robots are of high quality, they are very competitively priced as they can only be purchased online. However, not all stores that offer their robots are authorized vendors, so it is best to go to a secure platform.

We can’t think of a better platform than Amazon, where you can also find the official Roborock E4 store. Although the Roborock E4 is not yet on sale, you can see other models by clicking here. You will have the guarantee of the platform itself and the official store.


Model numberE4
Launchapril 2020
Dimensions350 x 350 x 96
Weight5 kg
Suction2000 Pa
Dust capacity640 ml
Water capacityN/A
Battery life150 minutes
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Charging time4 hours
Navigation typeOpticEye
Wet SweepingYes
Real-time mappingYes
Collision, distance and level sensorsYes
App remote controlYes
Electrical control of the water tankNo
Setting up no-access areasNo
Intelligent area identificationNo
Voice assistantYes
HEPA filterYes
Wi-Fi connectionYes


Can it be used without the application or WiFi

This robot has 2 physical buttons at the top of the robot, so you can start it without the application, but without it you will lose interesting options like programming cleanings while you are away from home or seeing the map of the route you have followed.

Can you specify which rooms should be cleaned?

Although Roborock E4 has an intelligent navigation system that allows it to clean without repeating areas or making senseless turns, you cannot set up the cleaning like other laser sensor robots, so you cannot set up which rooms should be cleaned or mark virtual walls.

Does it support homes with pets?

All Roborock vacuum robots are ideal for homes with pets, as their vacuum system is set up to prevent clogging and their brushes are designed with an anti-clogging system. But thanks to the large capacity of the tank, the E4 model is ideal for homes with pets.

What is the difference between the Roborock S4 and the Roborock E4?

The Roborock S4 is the most economical model in the "S" range, but it has a laser sensor and allows you to set up cleaning, mark virtual barriers or create better routes. However it does not have a mop. The Roborock E4 does have a scrub mop even though its navigation system is based on the double gyroscope supported by an optical LED motion sensor. In terms of suction power, battery or components, both robots are very similar.

What are the differences between the Xiaowa E2 or E3 and the Roborock E4?

This is a frequently asked question. The Roborock E4 seems to us to be a better version of the Xiaowa models because of its improvements. The Xiaowa E3 has some better features but is definitely much better than the Xiaowa E2. The new Xiaowa E4 cleans faster, has a bigger scrubbing tank, better autonomy, you can adjust the water flow... And its price is certainly a good reason to buy it.


Roborock E4 is an ideal vacuum cleaner if you have a home with hard floors and short pile carpets. You can choose from several cleaning modes to completely sweep away dust and debris in significantly less time than previous models.

Your battery life is quite long, allowing you to cover more cleaning areas while you work your way through the smart map that you are able to configure, avoiding obstacles and clutter to become a durable and functional accessory in the home. Team



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