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The Roborock brand of vacuuming robots always surprises us with the quality of its products. Buying one of their models guarantees us a clean home with less effort. But their new model goes much further: the Roborock S6 MaxV is the first robot of the brand to incorporate an innovative navigation system with two intelligent cameras. We explain to you what advantages and how it will revolutionize the way you clean your home all the new features of this vacuum cleaner robot.

Features and new features of the new Roborock S6 MaxV

Roborock has surprised us with a vacuuming robot that has an impressive level of innovation. It is the model that many of us have been dreaming of for a long time: a robot that can avoid any obstacle in an efficient and intelligent way, with a great suction power and positioning itself as the star model of the brand.

While the rest of the brand’s robots are easily confused by their exterior similarity, the new Roborock S6 MaxV follows the aesthetic that has led the brand to win several international design awards, but with some significant differences: the buttons have a different layout and the finish seems more premium.

But the great novelty is in its front part. Its dual front camera combined with the LIDAR laser navigation system allows you to explore your entire home in detail. These two cameras allow you to understand the depth of space, so you can reliably know the location and size of obstacles, so you can redirect your route more effectively. The cameras also work in the dark thanks to their infrared system.

It features the new Qualcomm APQ8053 processor, designed for artificial intelligence. This octa-core chip is 50% better than its predecessors. It uses an intelligent continuous learning system called Reactive AI to recognise common objects. The robot has learned from thousands of images of common objects, recognizes and avoids them easily.

Not only does it better avoid shoes, scales or pet waste, but also any object that is 5 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters high. You can forget about doing a rewrite before you start cleaning. That’s why it’s ideal for homes with pets or children. Your privacy is guaranteed as captured images are instantly deleted.

In addition to this smart navigation system, it has more sensors for better navigation, with up to 5 anti-fall sensors. Its two omnidirectional wheels allow you to overcome obstacles up to 3 centimeters and it detects carpets automatically. Its 5-legged front brush with silicone finish cleans corners without dispersing dirt. In the central part we find the well-known central brush with cedars and anti-tangle silicone strips.

Another improvement over previous models is its suction power. This new Roborock S6 MaxV has 25% more suction, reaching 2500 Pa from start to finish, perfect for cleaning fine dust and carpets. Its waste tank has a capacity of 460 ml and has a washable HEPA E11 filter that captures 95% of the particles, returning clean air to your home.

The Roborocks are known for their ability to scrub while vacuuming. But this model has an improved system similar to the S5 Max model. It has a 297 ml tank that allows you to scrub up to 200 m² and its spring presses the mop against the floor with a weight of 300 grams from start to finish. This scrubbing system has an electronic water flow control system. The mop and its tank are easily removed without having to lift the robot.

Its battery still has the usual capacity of the brand, with 5,200 mAh. However, its autonomy increases by 30 minutes to 180 minutes, vacuuming up to 250 m². When it is below 20%, the robot calculates how much battery it needs to finish its route, returns to the base and charges only what it needs to finish the route. You don’t have to wait for it to fully charge.

Virtual maps and remote control via the Roborock S6 MaxV mobile application

But one of the biggest novelties of this vacuuming robot is how we can control, see the information and configure the cleaning path. To begin with, the Roborock S6 MaxV has a multi-path system that allows it to store up to 4 virtual maps. You can automatically recognize which floor you are on and apply the settings we have already defined to each one.

In addition, its new interactive map informs you in detail of all objects, even dividing the map into different rooms. Through the screen we can see which objects you have recognized during your tour and which route you have taken. We will also be able to mark the non-wiping areas and virtual barriers or send it to clean a specific point or area. At the end of each route we can see the time and route in the application.

How to find the cheaper Roborock S6 MaxV with warranty

This brand is famous for its low prices, which it achieves by selling its vacuuming robots over the internet to avoid intermediaries. That is why we recommend you to buy the different Roborock models through a safe and reliable website. It is not only important that the payment system is secure, but also that it has the support of the brand in case you have to process the warranty.

Luckily, Roborock has its own official shop at Amazon. This seems to us to be the best choice, since it is a platform known for its great customer service and we will also be backed by the guarantee of trust from the official store. The Roborock S6 MaxV can be found in their official store by clicking here.


Other namesRoborock T7 Pro
Model numberS6 MaxV
LaunchMay 2020
Dimensions353 x 350 x 96.5 mm
Weight3.7 kg
Suction2500 Pa
Dust capacity460 ml
Water capacity297 ml
Battery life180 minutes
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Charging time5 hours
Noise67 dB
Wet SweepingYes
Real-time mappingYes
Collision, distance and level sensorsYes
App remote controlYes
Electrical control of the water tankYes
Setting up no-access areasYes
Intelligent area identificationYes
Voice assistantYes
HEPA filterYes
Wi-Fi connectionYes


Is it a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner robot?

All Roborock vacuuming robots are designed for pets: their vacuuming system does not get stuck when vacuuming hairs and their brush is especially anti-tangle. Its suction power does not only suck up hair, but also other waste such as pet dander. However, the Roborock S6 MaxV is especially interesting for pets as it can detect toys and pet waste.

Can this robot vacuum several floors?

It cannot yet move only from one floor to another, but it can store up to 4 different maps. This is ideal for houses with several floors as you will not waste time analyzing the plant. It also automatically detects which of the maps it is working on, you only have to move it from floor to floor and make it start working.

Can I add soap and other products to the water tank?

Thanks to the spring system that constantly presses on the mop, the mopping of the Roborock S6 MaxV is quite effective, however the constant dripping by capillarity that prevents puddles and leaks is quite sensitive, so it is not recommended to add other products.

What maintenance should I do with the robot?

Maintaining your vacuum cleaner robot as the first day is very easy. You only need to empty the solids tank and fill the scrubbing tank with water. From time to time, we can also clean the mop and the dust filter. Finally, it is also recommended to replace the brushes from time to time. The Roborock application has a maintenance section that keeps us informed.

Roborock vs iRobot Roomba: which one is better?

Roborock robots have become the best competition for the iRobot Roomba. The latter have great innovations, however the price of their vacuuming robots is very high and they are inaccessible. In several comparisons the Roborock has proven to clean 100% of your home effectively and also has the ability to scrub for a fairly low price.


Roborock S6 MaxV is definitely one of the best vacuum cleaner robot models on the market. Its front camera allows it to avoid obstacles and perform an efficient cleaning around the objects that we would normally have to pick up to let it do its job.

The battery is another attractive factor of this robot for its duration and its maximum use of time. As well as its capacity for intelligent recognition of spaces to create a cleaning map through the App, which allows the user to control the robot and also to know the cleaning route in the different areas. Team



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