Roborock T7


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In the last few years, Roborock has become the reference brand for vacuuming robots. It is a Xiaomi brand that offers the best features at an impressive price. It is the best rival of brands like iRobot Roomba. It has a fairly extensive catalogue of models, with quite a few common features. Its latest release is the Roborock T7, will it surprise us with significant improvements or will it be a continuation model? Read on to find out.

Roborock T7 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Features

One thing all Roborock vacuuming robots have in common is their minimalist design. The T7 model follows the same style, in a uniform color and only stands out in its upper part because of its 3 buttons that allow to start the basic functions of the robot: one to turn on and start cleaning, another to send the robot to the loading base and a third one to clean partially.

One of the main novelties of this robot is that it includes the new RR Mason 7.0 algorithm, complemented by the GLSLAM system and a 32-bit quad core processor, which allows it to map and position itself more intelligently, as well as create better navigation routes. It manages in real time the data collected by the LDS laser and can handle several maps at once.

This translates into a robot that hits less, gets stuck less and cleans your home in less time. The Roborock T7 better analyzes obstacles and possible routes, if it detects that it can’t get around by changing its route, it keeps on cleaning. This is possible thanks to its 14 sensors: accelerometer, odometer, infrared, anti-fall… Its large wheels allow it to overcome obstacles of up to 2 cm.

The new Roborock T7 has a suction power of up to 2,500 Pa, 25% more than its predecessors. It is ideal for vacuuming large particles or carpets. You can choose between several powers and also increase its power to the maximum when it detects carpets through the application. Its waste tank is 460 ml and includes a HEPA filter.

Another point to improve from the last generation was the scrubbing system, very well achieved in the S5 Max model. The new Roborock T7 has the same scrubbing system with electronic water flow control and includes the largest water tank of the brand, with a capacity of 297 ml with which you can clean up to 250 square meters.

Thanks to the spring system, the mop is not pressed by the weight of the water, but has a constant pressure of 300 gr to clean with the same pressure from start to finish. The mop will always be wet and its bionic system avoids puddles and leaks. This tank is easily removed without having to lift it thanks to a new adjustment system. Once the water tank is in place, the robot will not go through the carpets to avoid getting them wet.

Its battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh which allows it to reach up to 150 minutes of autonomy, in this time it can clean about 250 m². When it is below 20% battery capacity, it returns to the base of charge. You can calculate how much battery you need to finish your route and resume cleaning when you have enough battery, instead of waiting for 80% charge as in other Roborocks.

Control your Roborock T7 vacuum cleaner robot through the mobile app

One of the advantages of Roborock is that all its robots can be controlled through its mobile application Roborock or also through the app Xiaomi My Home. It also supports Alexa voice commands and Google Home. But this new robot can be controlled more and better.

Roborock T7 can store up to 4 different maps and detect which one it is on thanks to its new algorithm, so you don’t have to select the map manually. It can also detect the exact location within this map. This is ideal for multi-storey houses, as you only have to move the robot and let it start cleaning.

Also, as we said before, it has a water tank with electronic control. Through the application we can choose the level of water for scrubbing and what level we want for each room. We can also create virtual walls, restricted areas, program cleaning by the hour or by the room…

How to find the cheapest and guaranteed Roborock T7 vacuum cleaner robot

At the moment this vacuuming robot has only been released in China, so we will have to wait a little longer to acquire it. However, Roborock is a brand that only sells through the internet, so when buying their robots it is very important to choose a safe shop both when paying and to deal with incidents or their guarantee.

Therefore, our recommendation is to buy these robots through Roborock’s official store at Amazon: we will be sure that we are buying an original product and we will be able to count on the store’s guarantee and the sales platform itself. If you want to enter this store just click on this link.


Otros nombresRoborock S7
Número de modeloT7
LanzamientoMarch 2020
Medidas353 x 350 x 96.5 mm
Peso3.7 kg
Succión2500 Pa
Capacidad polvo460 ml
Capacidad agua297 ml
Duración de la batería150 minutos
Capacidad de la batería5200 mAh
Tiempo de carga2 hours and a half
Ruido64 dB - 72 dB
ColoresBlanc, Noir
Tipo de navegaciónLDS
Barrido HúmedoYes
Mapeo en tiempo realYes
Sensores de colisión, distancia y nivelYes
Control remoto vía appYes
Control eléctrico del tanque de aguaYes
Configuración de áreas de no accesoYes
Identificación inteligente de áreasYes
Asistente de vozYes
Filtro HEPAYes
Conexión Wi-FiYes


Is this robot hoover suitable for pets?

All Roborock hoovers are suitable for pets because they are equipped with a suction system and an anti-tangle brush. But this T7 model is particularly interesting because, in addition to having a higher suction power, its navigation system is ready to face the various obstacles and continue on its way.

Is it necessary to scrub while vacuuming?

The water tank can be removed, so there is no obligation to use it. If you remove it, your robot will be able to vacuum. In fact, if you have carpets, it is advisable to remove the tank from time to time so that it can vacuum the carpets.

Can I add soap to the water tank?

The Roborock washing system releases water in a constant and precise manner so that the mop always remains wet. In order to avoid damaging this bionic water drainage system, it is recommended not to add soap or other products to the water.

What is the difference between the Roborock T7, Roborock S6 and Roborock S5 Max?

At present, we can differentiate between 3 groups of robots within Roborock. Firstly, the 3 robots from Xiaowa, a low-cost range within Roborock whose robots do not have a laser sensor but are very efficient. Secondly, and in the S range of vacuum robots, we can differentiate between the first and second generation. In the first generation, we find the Roborock S5, one of the most popular robots of the brand, with many features common to the whole S range: suction power of 2,000 Pa, LDS laser sensor, 5,200 mAh battery... However, there was no selective cleaning of the chambers. The second generation includes significant improvements and here we find the Roborock S4, Roborock S5 Max and Roborock S6. All three models feature improvements such as a 32-bit processor, new algorithms, selective cleaning capability and improved brushes. Each has its own particularities, the S6 charges faster, has more autonomy... However, the S5 Max has a very interesting cleaning system. However, the Roborock T7 has the best of both models: the impressive washing system of the S5 Max, a good autonomy... And also interesting innovations such as its intelligent algorithms, a better suction power and above all the possibility to store up to 4 cards. Although all Roborocks clean efficiently, the T7 is certainly better.


With a suction capacity of 2500 Pa, Roborock's T7 model is truly positioned as one of the company's best suction robots that many will appreciate having. Its ability to sweep and mop is fast and efficient enough to keep smooth floors completely clean and to vacuum the dirt from carpets in the house.

It also provides the consumer with a comfortable experience thanks to its remote voice control and intelligent area cleaning, allowing the family to plan the cleaning of the house in comfort. Team



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