Roborock Xiaowa C10 Youth Edition


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Roborock has us accustomed to high-quality robots, but beyond the reach of many. That is why they have decided to take out a range of inexpensive robots under the name of Xiaowa, and that is that these types of devices solve our lives and whatever your budget you would have to think about purchasing one.

One of the cheapest robots in Xiaowa is the Xiaowa C10 model, also called Xiaowa Youth Edition, a simplified version of its most popular models. It is the best rival to other cheap robots from Cecotec or the famous iLife, but with the quality and confidence that Roborock brings us.

We analyze the characteristics of the Xiaowa C10 Youth Edition

This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner follows the brand’s design line, with a minimalist style, in this case available in white. It includes 3 buttons on the top that allow us to start or stop cleaning, send the robot to the charging base or change the cleaning mode. It measures 35 centimeters in diameter and 9.5 centimeters in height, measures that are repeated in Roborock models.

In its lower part we will find the main components of the robot. The most important is its V-shaped central brush that combines normal bristles with rubber bands to better collect dirt and avoid tangles. It is complemented by a brush on the side to clean corners and corners. Its large sprockets can overcome unevenness of up to 2 centimeters, ideal for carpets. And thanks to its HEPA E11 filter the robot only expels clean air.

One of the most difficult challenges for cheap robot vacuum cleaners is vacuuming with enough power to leave your floor clean. The Xiaowa C10 has a suction power of up to 1,600 Pa. Although it does not reach 2,000 Pa of the best Roborock models, it is enough to effectively clean all types of floors. You can choose between 4 operating modes: standard, powerful, maximum and silent.

To make the robot easily move around your home, this Roborock robot has 10 integrated sensors. They allow you to identify objects, avoid falling down stairs, spot walls or rugs. It doesn’t have an LDS laser sensor but uses its sensors to create a map of your home and then plan a smart cleaning route.

Without a doubt, thanks to its algorithms and sensors, the Xiaowa C10 has a much smarter navigation system than competing robots. It is even capable of automatically increasing power when it passes over a mat, returning to the previous configuration when it is no longer on it.

Another advantage is that it has one of the largest solid waste deposits on the market. With 640 ml and a FIP sealing system you can clean your entire home without worrying about the deposit. This is also ideal for homes with pets that shed a lot of fur, plus its anti-tangle brush makes it a pet-friendly robot vacuum cleaner.

As for autonomy, it has a 2,600 mAh lithium battery. Although half that of other Roborocks, its optimized system allows it to run on a single charge for up to 150 minutes in which it can clean between 70 and 90 square meters. In addition, it is able to return to the charging base automatically when it has 30% battery remaining.

Control your Xiaowa C10 robot vacuum cleaner through the Xiaomi Mi Home app

One of the advantages of this robot vacuum cleaner compared to other cheap robot vacuum cleaners, is that the Xiaowa C10 can be controlled with the Xiaomi Mi Home app. You only have to download it to your mobile and link your robot vacuum cleaner to start controlling it.

Although we have already said that the Xiaowa C10 creates a map thanks to its sensors, it will not be seen in the application. But if you can configure the power or operating mode, schedule cleaning or start it remotely. We will also be able to see a record of the cleaning done and the time spent.

How to buy the Roborock Xiaowa C10 robot vacuum cleaner cheaper

Roborock, like Xiaomi, only sells its products through the internet and thanks to this we can get cheap vacuum robots with good characteristics. Its products can be found on many web pages, however when buying online it is important to do it with confidence to protect your money.

So our recommendation is to buy it at one of the official Roborock stores. For example on AliExpress you can find authorized sellers that offer original products in addition to their official store. If you want to find the Xiaowa C10 global version with European plug, we recommend you look here. You can also find replacement accessories at this link.

If you read us from Spain, Roborock also has an official store on Amazon but at the time of writing this guide does not seem to have stock of the Xiaowa C10. You can check it yourself by clicking here.


Model numberXiaowa C10
Measures350 x 350 x 90 mm
Weight3 kg
Suction1600 Pa
Powder capacity640 ml
Water capacityN/A
Battery life120 minutes
Battery capacity2600 mAh
Charging time2 hours
Noise60 dB
Type of navigationOpticEye
Wet SweepingNo
Real-time mappingNo
Collision, distance and level sensorsYes
Remote control via appYes
Electrical control of the water tankNo
Configuration of no-access areasNo
Intelligent area identificationNo
Voice assistantNo
HEPA filterYes
Wi-Fi connectionYes


Is Xiaowa the same as Roborock?

Roborock, a brand owned by Xiaomi, has specialized in high-quality vacuum robots. Xiaowa is Roborock's line of robots that offers models with more competitive prices and great features.

What maintenance should I do to the robot?

The maintenance of this type of devices is minimal. You will have to empty the tank and check if there is any hair tangled in the brush. The HEPA filter would have to be changed approximately every 2 months. I brush it every 6 or 12 months. And the battery every 24 months. The time is a recommendation that will depend on the use that we give to the robot.

Can Xiaowa C10 clean all kinds of surfaces?

Thanks to its central brush, which includes a combination of cedar and rubber, this robot works on all types of soil and vacuum small residues of all kinds, from rice to sugar. However, it may not vacuum the tiniest residue on some rugs.

Is it a silent robot vacuum cleaner?

This Roborock robot vacuum cleaner generates between 60 and 65 decibels in operation, depending on the configuration chosen. It is somewhat quieter than other Roborock models. In addition, thanks to the possibility of controlling it remotely, you can start it while you are away from home.

Xiaowa vs iLife vs Cecotec: which one is better?

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price, you have surely been looking at those from brands such as iLife and Cecotec. The former is popular for having vacuum robots in a low price range, yet its navigation system is not as smart as the Xiaowa. In addition, the Roborock can be controlled through its app, something that is only available in the most expensive iLife models. And these more advanced models are much more expensive than the Xiaowa C10. Compared to the Cecotec Conga that have the same price as the Xiaowa C10, Roborock has better suction power and a better navigation system. Although the Conga have scrubbing options, we keep the Xiaowa for the quality of its components and its guarantee of providing us with an effective and powerful cleaning, which in the end is what we are looking for when we buy a robot vacuum cleaner. En comparación a los Conga de Cecotec que tienen el mismo precio que el Xiaowa C10, Roborock tiene mejor potencia de succión y mejor sistema de navegación. Aunque los Conga tienen opción de fregado, nos quedamos con el Xiaowa por la calidad de sus componente y su garantía de proporcionarnos una limpieza eficaz y potente, que al final es lo que buscamos cuando compramos un robot aspirador.


Xiaowa C10's competitive price makes it an excellent choice if you have a tight budget and want to have an efficient cleaning assistant.
The suction power in conjunction with an optimal navigation system that can be controlled from the application, will allow you to relax while cleaning the surface in record time. team



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