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The famous Roborock brand leaves us surprised with its novelties. Each new model of vacuum cleaner improves its characteristics, that’s why today it is facing the iRobot Roomba. However, this sub brand of Xiaomi has extended its offer with a range of cheap robots under the name of Xiaowa. In the following article we will talk about the model Xiaowa E20 or E25, very interesting for its efficiency and its low price. We are going to explain you all its characteristics and how to buy it with guarantee cheaper.

What are the Xiaowa E20 and E25 and how do they fit into the Roborock range of vacuum cleaners

By its name, you may think that the Xiaowa E20 and E25 models are different, however its original name is Xiaowa E2, the last number refers to the color. The Xiaowa E20 is white and the Xiaowa E25 is black. They are identical in performance, only differing in color. This is the second generation of Xiaowa robots, which currently has 3 models: Xiaowa C10, Xiaowa E2 and Xiaowa E3. Today we will talk about the intermediate model, which has much in common with its big brother Xiaowa E3.

Features and functions of the Roborock Xiaowa E2

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner robot that also scrubs at a reasonable price, the Xiaowa E2 will surprise you. This model follows the minimalist design that characterizes the brand, in gray or white color and where we can only distinguish the logo of Xiaowa and 3 superior buttons to initiate and to stop the cleaning, to make return the robot to its base of load or to change the way of cleaning. It measures 35 centimetres in diameter and 9 centimetres in height.

The main function of this robot is to clean your home effectively. To do this, it has a suction power of up to 1800 Pa that allows it to vacuum up dirt and particles of all kinds. One of the advantages of this series of Xiaowa robots is that they have a 640 ml capacity waste tank and FIP sealing, with a washable EPA E11 washable filter, so they are pet-friendly robots.

In addition, the hair does not get tangled in its main brush, with a combination of cedars and silicone bands in a V shape. This brush and the rest of the components (front brush, mop, wheels…) are the same as in the top-of-the-range Roborock, with a high manufacturing quality. Its large wheels also allow it to overcome obstacles of up to 2 centimeters, ideal for cleaning carpets. In fact, it increases its power to the maximum when passing through them in order to clean them thoroughly.

But one thing that sets Xiaowa apart from other cheap robots is its intelligent navigation system. Other robots in this price range can only navigate randomly, but Roborock guarantees a thorough cleaning of your home thanks to a methodical cleaning in a “Z” pattern. It has 13 sensors that allow it to move around your home precisely without falling, getting stuck or crashing.

These sensors include a dual gyro: a high-precision gyro manufactured by Epson and a 6-axis gyro from Bosch. Their combination avoids the errors that could be generated by a single gyroscope. They detect any change in the robot’s angle and allow the robot to adjust its path to the set pattern so that cleaning is carried out as planned, even if it encounters an obstacle or lifts off the floor.

It also includes a dual optical laser sensor and an LED motion sensor that allows you to accurately calculate the direction and movement of the robot. All these sensors work together to define the exact position of your robot, precisely control its movements and its path. In the mobile application we can see the virtual map of our home with all this data.

With this robot you will achieve a complete cleaning thanks to its scrubbing system, since it can vacuum and scrub at the same time. Its water tank can be removed so that it only vacuums and is located at the bottom, just above the mop. It has 140 ml capacity and allows you to scrub for about 45-60 minutes. The mop is wet by a capillary system that prevents puddles and distributes the water evenly over the entire surface.

As to autonomy, the Xiaowa E2 has a 2600 mAh lithium battery allowing it to work for up to 100 minutes. In this time, it can clean up to 120-150 m2. The robot returns to the charging base if it detects that it has less than 30% autonomy left and when it is already charged above 80% it resumes cleaning from the last point.

Control your Xiaowa E2 from your mobile phone thanks to the My Home application

What we like about Roborock is that even in its cheap vacuuming robots it keeps the option to control them remotely through the My Home application. Thanks to it, we can start cleaning remotely, check the cleaning status and fully configure the operation of the robot. You only have to link the application to your robot through your WiFi network.

In addition, we will also be able to see a partial map of our home created thanks to its optical and movement laser sensor. Although it won’t be as accurate as the maps made with an LDS-type laser sensor, it’s a pretty accurate approximation. To prevent the robot from accessing certain areas we will have to acquire a virtual wall (not included).

Where to buy cheaper the Roborock Xiaowa E20 and 25 (from Spain and with guarantee)

The Roborock brand, although part of Xiaomi, sells independently through its official stores. It cannot be found in physical stores since its low prices can be maintained thanks to the absence of intermediaries through online sales. That’s why we only recommend that you purchase your robots from reputable online shops.

One of the best ways to buy the Xiaowa E20 and E25 is through Roborock’s official store at Amazon: with the guarantee of the brand and also the protection of Amazon, which allows us to make changes and returns easily. You can find the Xiaowa E20 here if you want it in white color, and in this link you will find the Xiaowa E25 in black color.

Xiaowa E2 vs Xiaowa C10 vs Xiaowa E3: differences between these models

We have commented that these three Xiaowa models have quite a few similarities. The Xiaowa C10 is the simplest model, both for its features and for its navigation system, since it does not have the dual system of gyroscopes and laser optical sensors. The Xiaowa E35 (Xiaowa E3) is identical in terms of features, however the autonomy of the E3 model is superior and also its suction power.


Model numberXiaowa E2
Measures350 x 350 x 90
Weight3 kg
Suction1800 Pa
Powder capacity640 ml
Water capacity140 ml
Battery life100 minutes
Battery capacity2600 mAh
Charging time1 hour and a half
Noise68 dB
ColorsWhite, Black
Type of navigationRoborock Xiaowa E2
Wet SweepingYes
Real-time mappingYes
Collision, distance and level sensorsYes
Remote control via appYes
Electrical control of the water tankNo
Configuration of no-access areasNo
Intelligent area identificationNo
Voice assistantYes
HEPA filterYes
Wi-Fi connectionYes


What maintenance does this vacuuming robot have?

The vacuuming robots have little maintenance: empty the waste tank when it is full and fill the water tank so that it can scrub. It is also recommended to change its accessories: central brush, side brush, filter or battery. Fortunately, through the application we can see if they need some maintenance. Remember that the filter is washable which increases its life.

Are the Roborock E20 and E25 suitable for pets?

All Roborock robots are suitable for pets, but Xiaowa robots are especially interesting, because as we have mentioned they have a large capacity waste tank, so if we have several pets you can collect a lot of hair. Both its brush and its vacuuming system are prepared to avoid clogging when vacuuming hair.

Can I add soap to the water tank?

The capillary system that wets the mop is very precise, so it is not recommended to add soap or detergents to the water in the tank, as this can damage the dripping system. Also, remember that it is not a conventional mop so it could leave the floor worse than before it started.

What is the difference between Xiaowa and Roborock?

Xiaowa is a range of robots within the Roborock brand. The difference between the robots of this range Xiaowa and the models S5, S5 Max or S6, is that these last ones have a laser sensor type LDS that allows to analyze with detail your home to plan better the routes, to designate the zones to clean or to restrict certain areas through the mobile application. In the case of Xiaowa, this system has been replaced by gyroscopes and optical motion sensors, and although they clean effectively, you will not be able to clean by zones.


If you have a medium sized home and a tight budget, the Roborock Xiaowa E2 is going to be the one for you. It will completely vacuum your home and carpets, and even efficiently mop hard floor spaces for about 100 minutes that will be enough to cover a maximum area of 200 square meters.

Although no remote control can be set up on the Xiaowa E2, it is a complete and functional robot for automatic household cleaning. Team



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