Roborock Xiaowa E35


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Roborock is undoubtedly one of the benchmarks for vacuum robots. It started as an extension of Xiaomi, but has already made a name for itself in this competitive vacuum cleaner market. But the incorporation of new technologies has increased its prices, and although it is fair considering its characteristics, it is out of budget for many people.

Aware of this, Roborock has expanded its offer of roomba type vacuum cleaners, with some models at a more reasonable price. One of them is the Xiaowa Plus E3, also known as Roborock E35 (the model of the black variant, the most common).

It has characteristics very similar to the most famous models of the brand, with prices similar to those that you can find in other robots such as the Conga from Cecotec or the famous Chinese brand iLife. Below we will explain how to buy it cheaper, with warranty and shipping from Spain.

Xiaomi Roborock E35 Features

We are dealing with a robot vacuum cleaner with scrubbing function that follows the style of the brand: a minimalist design with only 3 buttons to perform the most basic functions. It measures 35 centimeters in diameter and only 9 centimeters high so it can be easily passed under furniture. It has a tank for solid waste of water with 140 ml capacity and another for solid waste of 640 ml with FIP sealing.

For effective cleaning, suction power is important. The Roborock E35 has a suction power of up to 2,000 Pa, with 3 power levels: balanced, turbo and maximum. This power is one of the highest on the market, it makes the difference with a cheap robot and allows cleaning efficiently. It is a fairly quiet robot, generating between 60 and 68 dB depending on the configuration.

Thanks to its large wheels, it can overcome obstacles of up to 2 centimeters. It automatically detects carpets and increases its power to the maximum when it passes over them to clean them thoroughly. It returns to the programmed settings when finished. However, due to the type of sensor it is not recommended for dark or long pile carpets.

One of the most important factors when buying a robot vacuum cleaner is its navigation system, which is decisive for its effective cleaning. In this case, the Xiaomi Roborock E35 uses a methodical cleaning route, following a Z-type pattern, and cleans effectively thanks to its navigation technology. It does not have a laser sensor to plan the cleaning route, which is difficult for robots in this price range, but its sensors and algorithms do a spectacular job.

Avoid obstacles thanks to 13 sensors including anti-collision or anti-fall sensors. Its dual gyroscope, one high-precision EPSON and the other 6-axis Bosch, allow you to move easily and avoid navigation errors. These gyroscopes control all the movements of the robot and readjust the position of the robot to clean following the established pattern.

It has a dual optical laser and an LED tracking sensor to accurately calculate the direction and displacement performed by the robot. Thanks to this, it is able to calculate its position on the map, avoid going twice through the same site and making a virtual map of your home. You can also go back to the charging base after cleaning or when your battery is below 20%. It will resume cleaning from the same point when the battery is 80% charged.

It is a robot that allows you to vacuum and scrub at the same time. Its 140 ml water tank allows continuous water output without leaks or water debris. Its capillarity system distributes water evenly throughout the highly absorbent mop for efficient cleaning. This mop can be easily removed from the robot base so that it only sucks.

It has a washable EPA E11 filter that returns clean, particle-free air to your home. As for its autonomy, the Roborock E35 is equipped with a 5,200 mAh lithium battery that charges in about 3 hours. With a full charge you can clean up to 150 minutes, 2 and a half hours, in which you can clean up to 200 m2 so it is ideal for large homes.

How to control Xiaowa E3 from your mobile app

The Xiaomi Roborock E35 robot vacuum cleaner can be easily controlled remotely through the Mi Home app. You just have to have a WiFi network, download the application on your mobile and choose the server of the region where you are. Next we will link the robot with the WiFi connection by pressing the physical button back to the charging base, then we will search for the robot through the mobile application.

From the application we can start, stop, program and customize all the operating parameters of the robot. Thanks to its intelligent navigation system we can see a virtual map of our home with the state of cleanliness and the areas it has passed through. At the end of your route we can see the time spent and the area that has been cleaned.

The robot does not have a remote control, but if we do not want to enter the application we can also use the 3 physical buttons that allow starting, stopping, cleaning partially or sending the robot vacuum cleaner to the charging base. If we have Alexa or Google Home, we can also control it using voice commands, although at the moment this function is not available for the European market.

Where to buy the cheapest Roborock E35 (also from Spain)

One of the reasons that Roborock vacuum robots are so cheap is that they are sold online. But how can you buy it cheaply and safely? Our recommendation is to do it through trusted sales platforms such as Amazon. It can be purchased through the official Roborock store on Amazon by clicking here.

We will be protected by the guarantee offered by the seller and also by Amazon, which as you already know has a great customer service system. In addition, shipping is free with the option to use Amazon Prime to receive it even faster. On the same page we can also ask the seller our questions, although we will try to answer the most frequent ones below.


Other namesXiaowa Plus E35, Xiaomi Roborock E35, Xiaowa E3
Model numberE35
Measures353 x 350 x 91
Weight2,94 kg
Suction2000 Pa
Powder capacity640 ml
Water capacity140 ml
Battery life150 minutes
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Charging time2 and a half hours
Noise68 dB
Type of navigationOpticEye
Wet SweepingYes
Real-time mappingYes
Collision, distance and level sensorsYes
Remote control via appYes
Electrical control of the water tankNo
Configuration of no-access areasNo
Intelligent area identificationNo
Voice assistantYes
HEPA filterYes
Wi-Fi connectionYes


What is Xiaowa?

The Xiaomi Roborock E35 is also known as Xiaowa E3. Xiaowa is the range of inexpensive vacuum robots for those on a tight budget but confident in the quality of the Roborock brand robots. In the international market it has been launched under the name Xiaomi Roborock E35 so that the link with the brand is clear.

Does the Roborock E35 vacuum pet hair?

If you have pets at home, you are sure to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, but in many cheap models, hair can damage the device. The Roborock E35 is not only ideal for pets, but it is also a great choice: its large capacity tank is ideal to keep your house clean for longer, its central brush and wheels are designed to avoid getting stuck with pet hair . It also brings a brush to remove possible tangled hairs, which is a nice touch.

Do I have to put soap in the water tank?

No, soap or other products could clog the capillary scrub system, which is highly accurate to prevent leaks and problems. The scrubbing system of this robot vacuum cleaner works as a complement that helps to improve cleaning, and can achieve good results, but if your floor is very dirty or has difficult stains, you will have to clean with a mop.

What is the maintenance of the robot and its accessories?

For the robot to work as the first day, we will have to do a minimum maintenance. Apart from emptying the solids tank or filling the water tank, we would have to look at the EPA filter from time to time. Luckily it is washable so we can extend its useful life. Together with the robot we will receive a spare mop and filter, and the application will notify us of the status of the accessories.

What's the difference between the Roborock E35 and the Roborock S6? And with the Roborock S5 or S5 Max?

The main attraction of this Roborock E35 robot vacuum cleaner is that it is not so far from the best Roborock models. They have a lot in common, such as the possibility of controlling it through their mobile application, their 2,000 Pa suction power and their autonomy. As for suction capacity, the Roborock E35 is the one with the largest solid tank, with 640 ml. The big difference between this robot and other more expensive ones is its navigation system, since it does not have an LDS laser sensor to create a virtual map.


The Roborock E35 is a very good buy option because of the suction power and its intelligent navigation system that allows it to clean efficiently and autonomously on a single charge.

If you are on a tight budget, the Roborock E35 will be ideal for being the cleaning assistant in your home. team



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